KS2 two day performance workshops. Lion Salt Works and Norton Priory


2 day Key Stage 2 Promenade Performance Workshop

Bringing history to life through active learning at its best. Raising achievement and self-confidence through performance at the Lion Salt Works and Norton Priory


Pupils will spend 2 days on location in atmospheric heritage sites, learning about the history of the site and working on performance skills. Through MAW’s active learning approach they will begin to understand their local history and make connections between national and international events and impacts on the local community.
After a tour of the site pupils will work independently and collaboratively to develop a variety of creative performances involving drama, dance, movement and sound, bringing to life the history and colourful characters of the historic site. The project is fully inclusive and all pupils will take an important role in the performances and throughout the two days. The final promenade performance, in front of an invited audience of friends and relatives, is a unique and memorable finale to the two days, combining a variety of performance disciplines. This two day experience will leave pupils confident, energised and inspired.

Content summary:

Lion Salt Works – Pupils will learn about salt extraction in Northwich and the impacts

Northwich subsidence

of subsidence in the town from the late 1800s into the early 1900s. They will explore life as a salt worker through the 1900s and see how the importance of the salt industry permeated throughout communities and affected the lives of the people of Northwich. Bringing the salt story up to the present day pupils will learn about global events that led to the demise of the Lion Salt Works and its eventual closure then re-opening in 2015 as a heritage site. They will get to know the Thompson family who ran the salt works through the generations and find out about the characters amongst the workers.

Norton Priory – Pupils will be taken through the history of Norton Priory from its

From Augustine piety to Edwardian party.

beginnings in the 11th century as home to the Augustine Canons through time taking in the Tudor period and the dissolution of the monasteries. They will see how the priory changed in its use and importance as it bore witness to Tudor destruction, civil war and numerous Edwardian dances and parties as it became part of a loved family home, remaining in private hands until the late 20th century. Pupils will get to know many fascinating characters from history including King Henry 8th and the dastardly Sir Piers Dutton. 


For Key Stage 2.
2020 costs for up to 65 pupils £950
Ideal for 2 classes of the same or different years.
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