Benefits of a MAW workshop

We already have a school trip. Why choose a MAW workshop?

The Much Ado Workshops team firmly believe in active learning as a route to a deeper appreciation and understanding of learning and this underpins the work we do. Our workshops cover a wide range of National Curriculum objectives both academically and in terms of each individual child’s personal growth and development. (See other sections for more details.)

From the second you and your pupils step into your awe-inspiring location the excitement sets in and permeates two unique, high energy days of active learning and performing. Pupils will be given a tour of the location and equipped with fascinating information about characters, communities and life through history that they will not need to write onto a worksheet and they will not be tested on. All that they learn will be used as a basis for discussion, for questioning and encouraging curiosity about their world and to be used to ignite their creativity. This enables them to develop characters, scenarios and educate and inform their audience through their personal creative interpretation of what they have learned.

The beauty of our workshops is that your pupils will be working within a fascinating historical site, soaking in the atmosphere and being inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of what is around them. We do not come into school to perform for the pupils. Our workshops give your pupils ownership and control over their own performance which they deliver to their audience within the fabulous historic site. A unique way to raise achievement, develop self-confidence and inspire a love of learning.

Raising achievement. Building self-confidence. Inspiring a love of learning.

Benefits of a MAW workshop

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