Inclusive Workshops

Inclusive for all

Our workshops are inclusive to all pupils and allow everyone to work alongside each other equally. Each day is a mix of activities and tasks that involve a broad range of different skills calling on each child’s different talents.

Group activities start each day then in smaller groups broad structures and scenarios are given to pupils who can then build their own characters and scenes in the manner they choose, taking ownership of their work. They will be working both independently on their characters and also working collaboratively alongside their peers and as such the performances they create reflect their individual likes and strengths. Pupils can work within their comfort zones when necessary but always find the courage to try new things in our supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

Pupils have creative freedom within a broad structure, which gives children who may display challenging behaviour in a classroom situation the chance to flourish. Those for whom a more formal academic day is difficult to navigate can find the freedom to learn in a more active and dynamic manner than a classroom environment can offer.

The sites themselves have ramp and lift access to all areas and so those with mobility difficulties can reach all locations.

We request that the details of pupils with particular needs are stated on the booking form or made known to us prior to delivery of the workshops, so that we can ensure that their needs are met during the workshop and at both sites. We will assume that staff supporting these pupils will accompany them on their visit.

Finding strengths and exploring skills together.